Towards Realization of The Higher Intents of Islamic Law

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Maqasid al-Shari'ah: A Functional Approach

This book takes an important step towards the realization of the higher intents of the Islamic law. First, it opens the door towards the integration of contemporary values and worldview into the maqasid terminology. This is carried out via the sections on the role of reason and experience in identifying maqasid. Secondly, the book gives answers to the complex theoretical questions on the role of maqasid in ijtihad, juristic theorization (usul), and the islamization of the human, social, and physical sciences. Last, but not least, the book highlights the role and the necessity of a maqasid-informed mindset on the intellectual and communal levels, and takes a pioneering futuristic look into this very important branch of Islamic knowledge. Maqasid al-Shariah (Higher Intents of the Islamic Law) is the most promising tool for the contemporization of Islamic law and its philosophical foundations. It is also as this book reveals a promising tool for the realization of Islamic values and principles in the realms of judiciary, society, and even science.

by Gamal Eldin Attia