When Hearing Becomes Listening: Prophetic Listening and How It Can Transform the World Within Us and Around Us

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This book is about the function of listening in the life of a Muslim, and how learning to listen can transform the cacophony of inner noises into a wonderful symphony. Allah tells us in the Quran that Adam was created from clay, suggesting that we all have the capacity to mold and shape those around us, for better or worse.

To become better listeners we begin by listening within. We have to identify what’s causing a disturbance within. Once we have done that we can now work to remove that noise and diminish some of its potential to distort the messages we receive. 

When Hearing Becomes Listening explores the religious and social implications of attachment theory and how we can all help each other develop healthy models of attachment. When Hearing Becomes Listening explains why listening is a capacity unique to human beings, and describes obstacles that prevent us from being good listeners. In this book, we present a unique, interconnected, three-level approach to listening: listening to oneself, listening to others, and listening to Allah.

This book picks up where With the Heart in Mind stopped, diving deeper into the primary tool that enabled the Prophet to be so influential and leave such a profound impact on the people around him. The premise is simple. If you wish to be listened to like the Prophet, you must first learn to listen like the Prophet.

Publisher: Qasim Publications
Language:‎ English
Paperback: 156 pages
ISBN-13:‎ 979-8-218-10798